Barton Lineage XXV

Haplogroup R1b

An Isle of Wight Family

The earliest known BARTON of this family is Samwell John Barton born about 1550 on the Isle of Wight, England, who married Joan Comber on 24 August 1572 in Newport, IOW, England

Thirteen descendant generations of this early Samwell Barton are now known and displayed in the Barton Database (see link above; details about living persons including one born in Nairobi, Kenya are suppressed).

Staple and Steedman males also have DNA test results that match this Lineage.

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Major Learning Opportunities

  • Extending the pedigree back in time
  • Learning the origin of the surname

    Line Leader: seeking a volunteer

About Lineage XXV

Public Domain image courtesy of The Flag Institute, 2009

Bartons have inhabited the Isle of Wight (England's largest island1) for hundreds of years and are one of our Clusters of Bartons.

22 Aug 2018 - A new resource listing the burials on IOW for our Lineage XXV folks may be found here.

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