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15 Sep Start of Yom Kippur- Jewish

17 Sep POW/MIA Recognition Day - USA

  5 Oct Labour Day - NZ

   7 Oct Batle of Kings Mountain Remrmberance - USA

11 Oct Thanksgiving Day -Canada

31 Oct Halloween - USA

  5 Nov Guy Fawkes Day - UK

11 Nov Veterans Day - USA

11 Nov Rememberance Day - AUS

14 Nov Rememberance Sunday - UK

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President’s Welcome

Thank you for the honor of serving as the President of Barton Historical and Genealogical Society. This is an exciting time for us at BHGS. We have many opportunities on the horizon to move forward with our research into the history and genealogy of all Bartons.

Our Executive Committee and Board are working diligently to provide up-to -date, reliable and verifiable information on our Barton ancestry. Our DNA Database Manager is making great steps with the DNA project. More and more Barton descendants are being tested and the information database is growing. The historical database is growing as well and we are beginning to archive our documents, pictures and Barton memorabilia into Evernote for digital access.

Our newsletter editor is looking for your facts and folk stories for publication in our quarterly newsletter. If you have birth announcements, wedding announcements, obituaries or other general news, please share with us for publication. Her contact information is on the website. Also, members will soon be able to access can now access the newsletter online and to obtain member information on their membership status through our "members only" page. I so look forward to our success in finding out more about the Barton migration around the world and getting to know each of you.

Kathy Barton Gerwig

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