Lineage XVI

Haplogroup R1b

A Confusing Barton Family

So far (12/2013), this Barton family has had eight male BARTON DNA Project participants including one whose surname is Stein and four with the Nelson surname. The three male Barton pedigrees include:

William Kilshaw Barton had two wives: Malinda Jane Hewitt (1826-1861) with whom he fathered six children and Elizabeth Frances Quirk (1832-1896) with whom he fathered eleven children. Fifteen of the seventeen children were born in Utah Territory, USA.

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Major Learning Opportunity

  • Discovering the possible connections between the families of Barton, Stein and Nelson
  • Confirming the possible connection between Geoffrey Barton (1145- ) and William Kilshaw Barton
  • Determing the original surname of the yDNA

Line Leader: Richard Barton M.D.