Barton Lineage XIII

Haplogroup R1b

A Floyd County, Georgia, USA Family

This is one of our lines with a single known ancestor. The two male participants from the Barton DNA Project with matching ySTR DNA test results descend from:

  • William Barton born September 1836 Greenville County, South Carolina, married Mary Jane Terry; died and buried June 1913 Everett Springs, Floyd County, Georgia

    Much is known about all ten of William and Mary Jane (Terry) Barton's children.

  • Major Learning Opportunities

    • Discovering William's parentage
    • Finding the Immigrant Ancestor

    Line Leader: seeking a volunteer

    About Lineage XIII

    At least two families from this Line resided with three other families from Lineage I in one of our Clusters of Bartons cities, Rome, Georgia, about twenty miles from Everett Springs both in Floyd County.

    This well researched family was mentioned many times in The Barton Book and in Barton Bulletins and Barton Historical Society Newsletters which are available in DVD format in our Store.

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