Barton Lineage XI

The Willis Barton Family

This is a Barton family with (so far, Dec 2013) a single Barton patriarch and nine Barton DNA Project male participants (six Bartons, and one Denny, Flanigan and Turner) all with matching ySTR DNA! Originally thought to be part of the large Barton Lineage I family, modern DNA testing has proven otherwise.

Families included are Willis Barton born 1803 South Carolina, USA and the Denny and Flanigan families. More male participants are needed together with solid pedigrees to identify where the NPE (Non-Paternity-Event[s]) occurred!

  • Willis Barton born 22 Sep 1803 South Carolina, USA migrated to Georgia where he married "Peggy" Martin abt 1824/1825. Willis died 4 Sep 1891 in Winston County, Alabama, USA and is buried at Sardis #1 Baptist Cemetery, Lynn, Winston Co., Alabama.

If you are a descendant of this family and want to add to this page please contact us.

Major Learning Opportunity

  • Extending Willis Barton's pedigree back in time
  • Discovering the Immigrant Ancestor
  • Clarifying the connection of the Denny and Flanigan families

Line Leader: Debby Black

About Lineage XI

For over twenty years Debby Black has researched this family exhaustively and has shared her results on-line at the Barton Quest website.