Lineage VII

Haplogroup J

A Cumberland Gap Family

This is a "Southern" family probably from the Colony of Virginia but certainly from south-eastern Kentucky (now Knox County) as early as 1807.

Based solely upon the supposition of Mrs. Nora E. Bizzell in her Daughter's of the American Revolution (DAR) Application #541131 of 12 April 1969 many have claimed that the patriarch of this family is the Revolutionary Patriot James Barton (c1730-c1805) . However, no other supporting evidence has yet (2013) been found. Interestingly, DAR no longer accepts applications linking to this James without additional supporting evidence.

Revolutionary Patriot James Barton may have had at least two sons - Henry Barton (1757-1805) and William Barton (1761-1840) - both also Revolutionary Patriots. In her DAR Application Mrs. Bizzell asserted:

James was surveyor and overseer of Rockbridge County, Virginia, just south of Augusta County. Served in the Revolutionary War with his son Henry. After the war, he and his son moved to Kentucky to take up land warrants given for military service.

William Barton's Revolutionary War service was on the frontier with Daniel Boone fighting at Fort Boonesborough and with the Kentucky Militia during (and after) the period 1776-1781.

Four male participants in the Barton DNA Project have matching ySTR results; this places them in Barton Lineage VII. All four descend from the aforementioned William Barton (1761-1840). Now what we need is a male Barton who descends from William's (possible) brother Henry (1757-1805) to validate a relationship of the two with a common ancestor.

Line Leader: Gary Barton

About Lineage VII

A cluster of some family members are enumerated as coal miners in Wilton, Kentucky, in 1920.

The Fred Barton (1865-1943) family in Amoret, Missouri, USA, circa 1910 including (bottom row center) the webmaster's father Ralph Barton (1903-1987).

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