Barton Lineage VI

Haplogroup I

A Well-Known Widely Dispersed Family

So far, December 2013, there have been seven male participants in the BARTON DNA Project (two Bartons, three Ropers, one Forneaux and one Gray) all with matching ySTR DNA!

Clearly, more male participants are needed together with solid pedigrees to identify where the NPE (Non-Paternity-Event[s]) occurred!

Families included are Isaac Barton b1683 of Ireland, Thomas Barton b1761 of Lincolnshire, and the Roper, Forneaux and Gray families.

If you are a descendant of this family and want to add to this page please contact us.

Major Learning Opportunity

  • Determining the original surname of yDNA
  • Finding the common ancestor of Isaac b1683 and Thomas b1761

Line Leader: seeking a volunteer

About Lineage VI

The best known compilation of history and pedigrees for the Isaac Barton b1683 family is "The Descendants of Isaac Barton of Killaloe, County Clare, Ireland" by Margaret Barton Marsh Carter, Barton Family Association, Knoxville TN, 1988 (Gc 929.2 B285c at Allen Co. Pub. Lib., Ft. Wayne IN) in two volumes available at several major libraries which can be found at WorldCat, the Online Computer Library Center, at The Immigrant Family came first to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and then settled in Chester Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania by 1716.


Hon. William Barton (1813-1892)

8 July 2021: Descendant Shirley Loges reports that she has an inherited medical condition called Hypokolemic Periodic Paralysis. It has been showcased on Mystery Diagnosis on TV. It happens mostly due to exercise and especially when little has been eaten, or too much or too little salt has been eaten. If not treated immediately, the paralysis becomes permanent. The treatment is cheap and easy to do.