Barton Lineage V

Haplogroup R1b

From County Durham, England, Rufus Barton emigrated to Rhode Island Colony before 1632.

Seven male descendants of Rufus Barton born 1606 England died 1648 Rhode Island have participated in the Barton DNA Project with matching ySTR DNA results.

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Major Learning Opportunity

  • Learning about this Barton family in County Durham, England in the early 1600s.
  • Documenting the voyage of Rufus from England and his arrival in North America.

The Old Farm at Barton's Corners

The house sits on the original land grant property that the immigrant Rufus bought from Miantiomo, Chief of the Narragansett Indians. That house is not the original as it burned down and a second one was built in 1803. The photo is of the 1803 house which has now been torn down, making way for a 7-11 and a Dunkin Donuts. Ain't that great! It was sold out of the family about 1955.
Betsey Perra, 2013

Line Leader: Betsey Perra

About Lineage V

1923 Barton Family at the Bartons Corner Farm

Bartons Corner Farm near Warwick, Rhode Island

For Americans, the Revolutionary hero General William Barton (descendant of Rufus Barton born 1606) is a member of this DNA Lineage.

Biography of Abbie Francis Barton (1848-1930) wife of Thomas Hail Barton (1830-1896)

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