Barton Lineage IX

Haplogroup R1b

A Pennsylvania and South Carolina Barton Family

There are three known progenitors in this clan. The descendants of each have matching ySTR DNA markers so we know that they have a common ancestor. We just don't know yet who that person is! Further research is required including identifying the Immigrant Ancester for all three men.

Knowing the identity of the Immigrant Ancestor gives the researcher a starting point (probably in the British Isles) to extend the pedigree back in time.

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Major Learning Opportunity

  • Finding Family Seat in British Isles

Line Leader: seeking a volunteer

About Lineage IX

Two descendants of Joseph Barton born 1760s of York County, Pennsylvania, Joseph Barton (1832-1871) and his son Everett Barton (1868-1955) each had Gold Rush adventures fifty years apart in California and Alaska and later moved to Missouri. Fascinating family history about this clan!

Joseph Barton II (1832-1871)

Everett Barton (1868-1955)

9 January 2015 - Thanks to researcher Mari Barton we now know progenitor Henry Caldwell Barton's full name (found on a Land Grant Certificate at the Huntsville Land Office).

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