Lineage III

Haplogroup I

Maine and Massachusetts USA Barton Families

Eleven Barton men with matching DNA test results have participated from three different families. This is one of our families where an Immigrant Ancestor is known.

Nurse Clara Clarissa Hatlowe Barton (1821-1912) is perhaps the best known member of this family and was made famous by her dedication to helping others on-and-off the battlefield and for founding the American Red Cross.

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Major Learning Opportunities

  • Discovering the family seat in England
  • Extending the Joel and Hiram Frank pedigrees back to earlier generations

Line Leader: seeking a volunteer

More About Lineage III

Pvt. Bazaleel Barton (1722-1775) was an early casualty of the American Revolutionary War perishing on 17 June 1775 at the epochal Battle of Bunker Hill. Two of his sons, Pvt. Benjamin Barton (1758-1834) and Pvt. Peter Barton (1762-1825) also fought and survived the War.

In 1776 two brothers (cousins to Pvt. Bazalell Barton) Pvt. Jonathan S. Barton (1754-1830) and Pvt. Timothy S. Barton (1758-1844) fought with 2400 other men under General George Washington at the nascent Battle of Trenton, New Jersey during the American Revolution. The story of that battle is here.

Two more cousins from this Line fought on the American side: Pvt. Elkanah Barton (1758-1829) and Pvt. Josiah Barton (1766-1851).

For over 200 years a cluster of these bartons has lived in the village of Croydon, New Hampshire, USA.

Note: a Non-Paternity Event (NPE) occurred in this family which resulted in a genetically different Lineage IV which on paper appears to link to Lineage III but in fact doesn't.