Lineage II

Haplogroup R1a

Kent England, New York and Canadian Families

Twenty-two men with matching DNA test results have participated from thirteen different Barton families. In addition, male Wilcox, Crowell and Wallace participants also have ySTR DNA matching this Barton line! This is a large (over 4,000 people in our database) and complex family and is one of our American families where an Immigrant Ancestor is known!


Thomas Barton born about 1575 md. Mary Glover with descendants in Kent and in Australia.

Kent England



Roger Barton (The Immigrant) born about 1628 died after 24 July 1688 New York, USA We have identified over 2200 of his descendants.

New York USA

A-48, B-02, B-08, C-17, 168685, 466323, 194438, 194441, 713367


George Barton born about 1719 md. Rebecca Morehead

New Jersey USA



Capt. Elisha born 1729 md Jemima van Kirk

New Jersey USA



Gabriel Barton born 1732/1733 md. Elizabeth Burrowes

New Jersey USA

F-06, 42392


Pvt. Isaac Barton born 1760 md. Martha Goodrich

New York USA



Daniel Barton born Oct 1772 md. Jane Irving

New York USA



John Barton born Apr 1787 md. Elizabeth Day

New York USA

168682, B-20


Thomas Peter Barton born Jul 1805 md. Rhoda Calkins

New Jersey USA



James U. Barton born 1814 md. Rebecca Boshart

Alabama USA



John Garth Barton born 1818 md. Catherine Carter

Alabama USA



John Reuben Barton born 1866 md. Clara Clark

Maine USA



James T. Barton born about 1841 md. Mary L. Baker

New York USA


Each of the 13 famiies above share matching ySTR DNA but don't connect! Each has further genealogical research to do to extend their pedigrees back in time. Please keep the Line Leader and the webmaster advised!

Many publications available at genealogical libraries include significant errors about the Roger Barton line. As senior researcher Jim Barton puts it "The problem with the Roger Barton line is not lack of information. The problem is an abundance of misinformation." The best and most complete publication to date is George E. McCracken's article titled "Roger Barton of Westchester County, New York, and Some of His Earlier Descendants," published in serial form in "The New England Historical and Genealogical Register," Vols. 106 and 107, 1952 and 1953. Even it, however, contains some errors in details. Compiler's recommendation: do your own original research... it's part of the fun of our hobby!

If you are a descendant of this family and want to add to this page please contact us.

Major Learning Opportunities

  • Roots research in Kent, England
  • Following the United Empire Loyalists in Canada
  • Do the New York and New Jersey families connect?
  • Learning about the non-Barton families with matching DNA

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More About Lineage II

  A substantial number of citizens of the British Colonies during the American Revolutionary War wished to remain loyal to the Crown. Large numbers of them fled to Canada. They were known as Loyalists. An organization of their descendants became known as United Empire Loyalists (UEL). The Bartons who moved to New Brunswick have a robust  open Facebook Group.

  CITED in Lineage Book of the National Society of Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America, Vol. XXV, 1937. "Timothy Barton was a Pvt. in Capt. Chadwick's Co., on the Bennington Alarm [of September 23] 1777."


Roger Barton and Rufus Barton Were Not Brothers An exhaustive treatise available here assembled by long time researcher James C. Barton in July 2019 presents his proof of this assertion.