Lineage I

Haplogroup R1b

In the 20th Century these families were known as "Bartons of the South"

More than 100 men from 36 different Barton families with matching DNA test results in the BARTON DNA Project are grouped together in Lineage I. yDNA testing has united many of these Southern Barton families with no previously known connection and separated other Barton families who believed they were related.   Fowler, Holmes, Eskew, McCane, Simpson, Stone, Lee, Chason, Giglotto, Hutchins, Jackson, Pitman, Taylor and Ragland males also have ySTR DNA test results which match this Barton line! This is by far our largest and most complex family. DNA Project kit I.D. numbers are shown in red.

Terry B.: 2 Jul 2021- New Learning from the “Barton Lineage I Research Project, R5 report dated June 2021”: Here is the link to the Barton Lineage I Research Project, R5 report dated June 2021

Following is the most significant single fact of that learning:    Thomas Barton bc1732 who married Sarah Wilson and David Barton bc1730 who married Ruth Oldham were not brothers.

Instead, these two men are in separate clusters of Haplogroup R-FT96311, which has a total of 7 clusters. It is now clear from the detailed SNP information gained by testing their descendants that Thomas and David were not and could not be brothers. (Haplogroup R-FT96311 is a subset of Haplogroup R-L196 which appears to include all Lineage I Barton families.) Note: it does appear that that the 7 clusters of Haplogroup R-FT96311 probably all come from the Barton families living in Stafford Co VA and Charles Co MD prior to 1700. We are hoping that future learnings or data can support or refute this theory.

Background: There is no surviving documentation that connects Thomas Barton bc 1732 md Sarah Wilson to the Thomas#1 Barton who purchased land in 1678, Stafford County, Virginia - but the work from the early 1900s has said that Thomas Barton bc1732 m Sarah Wilson and David Barton bc1730 m Ruth Oldham were brothers and sons of Thomas Barton#3 of Stafford Co. These were key elements in that thinking. The Thomas Barton m Sarah Wilson family knew the details of David Barton m Ruth Oldham's family. Both family’s ancestral information was included in the two Barton Blue Books published by the Barton Historical Society in the late 1900s. Both families used the same names for their sons: Thomas, David, William, John Both yDNA (ySTR) and early ySNP test results in the first two decades of the 21st Century supported this connection. The “old Indian trail” that became “the old wagon trail” from Pennsylvania to Georgia went right by one of Thomas and Sarah’s son’s home near Tigerville SC and ended at what is now Lake Hartwell where I-85 crosses it (Which is where Ruth Oldham Barton and her sons settled c1785) This made visitation between the families very direct and relatively easy.

United Kingdom

  • Sir William Barton born 1530 Smithills Hall, Cheshire, England died Poynton, Cheshire, England 1588. Modern descendants are found in Australia, Canada, United States of America and England. H-17
  • Josiah Barton born about 1689 Winstanley (near Wigan), Lancashire, England and 12 generations of his descendants in England and America have been identified. B-23 B-24 B-25 B-26 B-27 B-28 B-29 B-35 C-7
  • James Barton christened 1760 Upholland, Lancashire, England who married (unknown) and his son Richard Barton christened 1785 in Upholland and their descendants are the patriarchs of this branch which so far (Dec. 2013) have not been linked to any overseas cousins. This branch is currently found only in England. G-73
  • Ralph Barton. buried 1740 Wigan, Lancashire F-04
  • John Barton born 1790 Ireland married Elizabeth Hamilton J-64
  • Joseph Barton born Dec 1792 Prescot, Lancashire, England married Mary Lowton born 1790 Warrington, Lancashire, England G-64
  • William Barton born 1794 in Ireland married Elizabeth and immigrated to Beaver County, Pennsylvania USA. B-05

United States

Major Learning Opportunities

  • Lancashire Roots Research
  • Identifying Branches for More Testing
  • Connecting Known UK and USA Families
  • Identifying Departure & Arrival Immigrant Information

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More About Lineage I

Each of the 36 families identified to the left are separate "branches" or "lines". If you would like to facilitate contact between cousins and aid in research please consider volunteering to be a Line Leader!

Terry B.: 7 Nov 2020- A separate page here shows and discusses the results of BIG Y-700 testing.
Terry B.: 6 Mar 2014- Two factoids for Lineage I folks: You will want to visit the historic Barton House in Texas and Major General Raymond O. Barton was an important leader in Patton's WWII army.
Terry B.: 30 Dec 2013- Insight from the UK Barton families indicates that Lineage I has its roots in Lancashire around the villages of Wigan and Preston.
There is no surviving documentation to connect Thomas Barton b abt 1732 md Sarah Wilson to the Thomas Barton who purchased land in 1678, Stafford County, Virginia - but the work from the early 1900s says that Thomas and David were brothers and the Thomas Branch knew the details of David's family. yDNA test results support this connection.

Terry B.: 3 Sep 2013 The "Colonial" and "Lancashire" branches of Lineage I are shown here.


Bette P.: 1 Jan 2014- The descendants of Thomas Barton md Sarah Wilson began holding family reunions at Tyger Baptist Church in Tigerville, South Carolina, USA, in the 1920s. They expanded into genealogy of Barton families and their work evolved into Barton Historical Society, which sponsers this site.