Barton Lineage XVII

Haplogroup R1b

An Irish immigrant Barton family including emigres to Tasmania.

This family has several earliest known ancestors. There have been five male participants in the DNA Project, all with matching yDNA test results. Interestingly, three of the men have the Barton surname while two of them have the McConnell surname.

Robert Barton born 1770 in County Fermanagh, Ireland (now Northern Ireland).

Nathaniel Barton born 13 November 1813 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, died 19 July 1899 in Clifton (now Del Rey), Fresno County, California.

James Barton born abt 1820 in Ireland (possible County Clare or County Cork)

Newell Barton born abt 1825 Georgia USA md Catherine Usry

William Charles Barton born Sep 1838 Georgia USA md Anna Wicker

Major Learning Opportunities

  • Learning the various patriarch's marriage details including their wives names
  • Learning the details about Robert's passage from Ireland to America
  • Learning more about the McConnell family of the 1700's and their relationship to the Bartons
  • Tracing the families back from Tasmania to their countries of origin

Line Leader: seeking a volunteer

About Lineage XVII

The Reverend Nathaniel Barton and his wife Rachel (Lindsy) Barton had at least six children who died in various states.

  • Milton Barton died 1864 Tennessee
  • Leslie Barton died 1911 Iowa
  • Leander Barton buried 1921 Iowa
  • Nathan Barton died Missouri

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