Lineage XII

Haplogroup R1b

A Multi-Branch Family

So far (11/2020), this Barton family has had several male BARTON DNA Project participants including one whose surname is Dillon. Much more research is required to track the migrations of various branches of this family from Virginia to Maryland to Pennsylvania to Tennessee!

If you are a descendant of this family and want to add to this page please contact us.

Major Learning Opportunity

  • Discovering the possible connections between these various branches
  • Learning about what may be at least two different Immigrant Ancestors
  • Finding the Most Recent Common Ancestor (MRCA)

Line Leader: seeking a volunteer

More About Lineage XII

Nov. 2009:  James Barton who married Nancy Flora is likely an eighth generation descendant of Lewis Barton.

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The Family of Isaac Barton (1844-1926)