Lineage IV

Haplogroup I

Maine and Massachusetts USA Barton Families

Lineage IV is genetically different than Lineage III - even though the paper trails connect. This important fact was confirmed by modern genetic genealogy testing.

  • A son of William Barton born 1631/1638 who married Anne Green - Ebenezer - appears to be the patriarch of Lineage IV and the point of the NPE. Researchers have long suspected that Ebenezer could have been the child of Walter Penwell, who was convicted (with Anne Green) of fornication and "keeping company as man and wife in 1673".2 Modern descendants (kits B-36 and B-41) of two of William's grandsons display the Lineage IV DNA profile.

    courtesy Terry Barton, December 2013

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    • Identifying the patriarch of Line IV DNA

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    NPE - Non-paternity event is a term in genetic genealogy and clinical genetics to describe instances in which the biological father of a child is someone other than who it is presumed to be. The presumption may be either on the part of the presumed father or by the physician. Non-paternity may result from a number of different scenarios: it may arise from sperm donation or when the mother had sexual intercourse with a man other than the presumed father. Other than the situation of gestational surrogacy, the identity of a child's mother is seldom in doubt.[1] Non-paternity (and non-maternity) may also result from hidden adoptions: that is, when a child is never told he or she was adopted. Where there is uncertainty, then the only definitive diagnosis of non-paternity is from DNA testing.1

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