Clusters of Bartons (arbitrairily defined as 25 or more in a given place and time)

United Kingdom

Clusters of Bartons have been identified in at least seven historic counties in England. Our largest Cluster of Bartons occurs in the ancient and historic county of Lancashire. Over 3,500 Bartons were enumerated in Lancashire in 1881, nearly 1/5 of all Bartons enumerated in Great Britain!

LANCASHIRE - A separate page for Clusters of Bartons in Lancashire is here.

One of our larger clusters of Bartons is the Isle of Wight in March 1851, a small diamond-shaped island about 12 miles by 12 miles in size lying on average three-to-five miles off the coast of south-east England. Twenty-one BARTON families totaling 92 persons were enumerated on the island on the evening of 30 March 1851 . Three of these families have descendants who have participated in the BARTON DNA Project and are identified as Lineage XXV.

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England in 1841.  At least 45 Bartons and their spouses where enumerated in this city on the evening of 7 June 1841. By the evening of 31 March 1901 the number had grown to at least 91 persons all with the surname Barton.

Fulham, Middlesex (now London), England  Now an inner London district located 6.0 km southwest of Charing Cross on the north bank of the Thames. On the evening of 3 April 1881 it was home to 44 BARTON men, women and children in 12 families.

West Bromwich, Staffordshire, England on the evening of 3 April 1881 was home to 78 BARTON men, women and children in 12 families.

The Village and Hundred of Tendring lies to the south and east in the in the County of Essex where a Cluster of Bartons occured in 1841, 1851 and 1881.

Cockermouth in Cumberland (now Cumbria) on England's west coast is an ancient market town which was home to twenty-five BARTON men, women and children on the evening of 3 April 1881.

Hadlow, Kent, England had a cluster of 35 BARTON men, women and children on the evening of 7 June 1841.

United States

The charming small town of Rome, Floyd County, Georgia, USA in 1940  was home for 23 BARTON men, women and children from Lineage I (3 families) and Lineage XIII (2 families) plus 11 Barton men with no DNA lineage unassigned for a total of 34 persons.

Wilton, Knox County, Kentucky, USA in 1910.  Located in the Cumberland Plateau less than five miles south-east of the Town of Woodbine and the larger City of Corbin, all in Knox County, lies the little coal mining town of Wilton. In April 1910 out of a total Wilton population of 1513 some 83 Bartons in 18 households were enumerated, many in BARTON DNA Project Lineage VII.

Dent County, Missouri, USA in 1880  Four BARTON families totaling 24 persons were enumerated in this rural county in 1880: William Taylor Barton, wife Lucinda and 4 children - DNA Lineage I, James S. Barton, wife Cynthia and 4 children - DNA Lineage I, Nelson Barton, wife Nancy and 6 children - DNA Lineage I, and J. J. Barton, wife Sallie and 2 daughters.

Orange County, North Carolina, USA was home to 34 Bartons in August-November 1850 most in BARTON DNA Lineage I.

The Village of Croydon, Sullivan County, New Hampshire, USA  (2010 pop. 764) was the birthplace of at least 123 BARTON men and women during the years 1786-1908. Several Lineage III families farmed and prospered in Croydon for years before moving seven miles south to the county seat of Newport, New Hampshire.

In 1860 the neighboring communities of Cold Spring and Philipstown in Putnam County, New York were home to 25 BARTON men, women and children. Interestingly, three of the Heads of Household held the occupation of Boiler Maker. div align="justify">

In 1877 the City of Baltimore, in Maryland USA noted 37 BARTONs as residents and listed their occupations and residency in the Baltimore City Directory


The Parish of Waterborough in the Queens District (later County) of the Province of New Brunswick was home to a large contingent of Bartons (at least 25 in 1861) many of whose descendants are part of BARTON DNA Lineage II - Roger Barton born abt 1628, md Mary

Extra Stuff

Cluster genealogy is a research technique employed by genealogists to learn more about an ancestor by examining records left by the ancestor's cluster. A person's cluster consists of the extended family, friends, neighbors, and other associates such as business partners. Researching the lives of an ancestor's cluster leads to a more complete and more accurate picture of the ancestor's life.1

Isle of Wight

Isle of Wight courtesy

Fulham Palace Courtyard

Croydon, New Hampshire USA

Barton-near-Preston, Lancashire:
Domesday Book (1086) “Manor of Barton – 4 Plough-lands” In 1212, 2 Plough-lands held by heirs of Gilbert de Barton. Fleetwood Barton, b 1595 was last Barton heir. Fleetwood Barton md Richard Shuttleworth of Gawthorpe. James Shuttleworth sold the Barton manor in 1833. Barton Lodge was torn down – land now Government owned3

3 "Barton DNA Project" Presentation by Terry Barton at 2013 BHS Annual Meeting

possible additional clusters at - Melbourne, Derbyshire, UK; Camberwell, Surrey (now London), UK; Zion, Orangeburg Co., South Carolina, USA; 1900 Bartonville, Walker Co., Alabama, USA; Windsor, Kennebec Co., Maine, USA;Warren, Bristol Co., Rhode Island, USA; Brush Creek Township, Fulton Co., Pennsylvania USA; Martins Springs, Whitley Co, Kentucky, USA; Town of Owego, Tioga Co, New York, USA;