The British Isles

  • This page includes only those families who are able to tie their patriarch to a place and time in the British Isles.
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    The First Group has been DNA tested and grouped by Result. We'll be glad to explain the DNA testing portion of our global research. A special Sponsorship has been established to help Barton families in the British Isles pay the cost of testing. For more information, contact Terry Barton.

    Lineage I

    Radulphus de Barton, living in Yorkshire, England during the reign of King Henry II (1154-1189) and twenty generations of descendants - John B. Lisle

    Thomas de Barton of Ainderby born abt 1175 down to Thomas' 9th great-grandson Robert Barton (later Mowbray) of Overbarnton who changed his surname to Mowbray by Act of Parliament 10 May 1527

    Sir William Barton, Knight, b abt 1200, resided at Steresby, Yorkshire, England down to Sir William's 8th great-grandson Alexander Barton who changed his name to Charles Stedman by "Arms of Adoption" granted by Queen Mary abt 1565-1567.

    Josiah Barton born abt 1689, Winstanley, Lancashire, England md Catharine down to his 6th great-grandson James Richard Barton of Provo, Utah, USA

    John Barton born abt 1728 Manchester, England md Elizabeth "Betsy"

    William Barton born 1762 Orange County, North Carolina, USA died 1830 Lebanon, Illinois USA md Nancy Hunter

    Thomas Barton born 17 Nov 1792 Wigan, Lancashire, England md Rosina Leonora Wild on 25 Mar 1819 aboard HMS OWEN GLENDOWER off the coast of Buenos Aires

    John Barton b abt 1790 Ireland married Elizabeth Hamilton. His descendants migrated to Scotland

    William Barton born 1794 prob Ireland, died 5 Feb 1872 Beaver Co Pennsylvania, USA

    Lineage II

    Thomas Barton born abt 1575 Kent, England, m Mary Glover - Pam Latter (nee Barton)

    Lineage V

    Rufus Barton born 1606, Lanchester, County Durham, England died 1648 Warwick, Kent Co., Rhode Island, USA

    Lineage VI

    Isaac Barton born abt 1683, of Killaloe, Ireland died May 1721 Chester Co., Pennsylvania, USA md Sarah Vesey

    Thomas Barton born 1761, Lincolnshire, England md Sarah Harwood

    Lineage X

    Richard Barton b 20 April 1765 Bethersden, Kent, England - A-5 & A-6 - Dick Barton

    Lineage XIV

    John Barton born abt 1756, County Down, Ireland died 22 Feb 1838 Washington Co., Pennsylvania, USA md Mary Kyle

    Lineage XXI

    Solomon Barton born 1690, Worth, Kent, England - A-24 H-23

    DNA Tested, but not yet categorized. (we need more male DNA participants from the following families)

    James Barton born England, British Soldier, died in battle on 9 July 1755 - A-52 - James William Barton (Briton)

    Lt William Barton born 24 Oct 1754 England or Ireland died 27 Dec 1829 Morris Co., New Jersey USA md Margaret Henderson

    John Barton born abt 1800 Scotland, md Eliza Meritt - C-10 - Mary Barton Reed

    Stephen, born 1817, Folkstone, Kent, UK md Jane Wood Formage - B-37 - Joy Barton Russell

    Emigrants from the British Isles to America whose descendants have not yet participated in the BARTON DNA Project - click here.

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    Why The British Isles?

    In Britain, hereditary surnames were adopted in the 13th and 14th centuries, initially by the aristocracy but eventually by everyone to avoid confusion.1 ySTR DNA test results from the BARTON DNA Project reveal that dozens of our male Bartons have Most Recent Common Ancestors some 1,000 years ago. It appears that the family name of "Barton" sprang up nearly simultaneously at several spots in the (now) United Kingdom.

    Later migrations over the last four hundred years dispersed Bartons to various countries worldwide; see Barton Lineages.