Barton Lineages - Combining Modern Genetic Genealogy with Traditional Paper Pedigrees

Barton Historical & Genealogical Society sponsors several on-going projects including the Barton DNA Project.

Do you know to which Barton Lineage you and your Barton relatives belong? If not find out by locating your Barton relative in the Barton Database. If a Lineage indentifier is not present then you will want to consider having a male Barton relative participate in our BARTON DNA Project. It's easy, it's a simple cheek-swab and it's fun!

If you cannot find your Barton ancestor in the Barton Database inorder to confirm your genetic Barton Lineage, then you will want to consider providing your Barton pedigree information here.

If you would like to support us financially in our quest to identify the various BARTON clans worldwide then please consider donating (in any amount - everything helps) at

Families With ySTR DNA Tested Results

When two or more males have participated in the Barton DNA Project and the results match then they almost certainly have a common ancestor. These Barton families which we call Lineages have the same surname but do not genetically relate to each other. Knowing this greatly helps researchers in their research. The confirmed Lineages to-date follow: (each is identified in the Barton Database with a "Lineage" label and link to a separate page)