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27 November - Thanksgiving Day, USA

11 December - Staute of Westminster Anniversary, Canada

17 December - Hanukkah (first day), worldwide

25 December - Christmas Day, worldwide

26 December - Boxing Day, British Commonwealth

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President’s Welcome

This past reunion in Calhoun, Georgia USA was way too much fun, and quite a learning experience. Next years reunion will be in South Carolina USA and a little different since I am the planner. The December newsletter will have more information. Speaking of the newsletter, we have a new Editor: Peggy Smith from Louisiana agreed to take over, and I am looking forward to working with her to bring the members much needed information. If you are not a member, I encourage you to become one. You can go to http://bartonsite.org/BHS%20Membership_Application_and_Publication_Order_Form.pdf to join us! Peggy will appreciate your submitting stories, newspaper clippings, pictures and obits to name just a few. You can email her at peggy.smith.phd@gmail.com.  Blessings to all, Peggy Nouri

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5 Dec 2014 - Welcome to our Dutch researchers! See Joannis van Bart (1662- )

27 Nov 2014 - Joseph Turner Barton (1878-1951) - Interesting migration: born Texas USA, lived in Detroit, Michigan, died in Chicago, Illinois, and buried in Delhi, Ontario, Canada. Anyone know his story?

7 Nov 2014: From Lineage II here's an example of a record with five (5) different source citations for the individual's birth record... and they're all in agreement! Charles Merrill BARTON
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