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  8 May - Mother's Day, USA

21 May - Armed Forces Day, USA

25 May - National Day, ARG

26 May - National Sorry Day, AUS

30 May - Memorial Day, USA

30 May - Spring Break Holiday, UK

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This is the official website of the Barton Historical Society. It is the gateway to the largest collection of materials related to BARTON Family History on the Internet.

Membership in the Barton Historical Society is open to all with an interest in the Barton surname. Note: you do not have to be a dues paying member to utilize our information and we welcome you to share your research as you use what we have compiled.

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FREE excellent webinar by James Beidler entitled "Mining the Uber-sites for German Ancestors" available until 26 May 2016 here

We go for a year-and-a-half with no new Barton Lineages defined, now two in two days! - Lineage XXXI and Lineage XXXIII

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We have an open-to-the-public Facebook community group for all Barton Researchers where you can post questions and discuss research with others at:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/89460933957/

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